Character Creation

You have 125 character creation points.

-Stats can be bought up to a maximum of 12 per stat.

-All remaining points are spent in Attributes. All powers cap at level 6, except the following:
*Armor – Level 12
*Force Field – Level 12
*Combat Technique, Features, Insubstantial, Sixth Sense, Spaceflight, Special Defense – Level 10
*Massive Damage – Level 3 (Note: All Massive Damage does not stack.)
*Divine Relationship, Energy Bonus – May not be selected

-No points will be used on skills. Your character concept will depict what you are skilled in. (Example: If you are Clark Kent, Ace Reporter of the Daily Bugle, you will not be trained in Knowledge Arcana or Military Sciences, but you will be trained in Knowledge Current Events and Writing.)

-You must have 10 points of Defects. You do not get any points for taking Defects.

-Make up 3 Qualities for your character. (Example: If you are Doctor Doom, you would have the Qualities; Lord of Latveria, ‘DAMN YOU, RICHARDS!’, Scientist.)

-Have a Catchphrase! (Optional)

Character Creation

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