Mister Impact

Telepathic Alien and Heroic Icon of Impact City


Worlds in Peril Character Sheet

Maneuver: +0
Investigate: +1
Protect: +1
Influence: +2
Smash: -1

Super Strength – Able to lift cars and dumpsters
Mind Resistence – Able to resist mind altering effects, such as Overman’s OverKiss

Super Senses – Can hear muffled conversations in heavy traffic

Telepathic Locator – Able to locate individuals in Impact City

Danger Sense
Atmospheric Adaptability


City: Public Protector of the City: +2
Law Enforcement: Promoter of the ICPD and Friend to Chief Regal Beagle: +2
Overman: Alien Kinship: +2
ElemenTwo: Kid’s got the potential to be great: +2
Change-A-Matron: Alien Kinship: +1
Impact City Meteors: Professional Baseball Team: +2

My Mission:
Mister Impact was sent to Earth to garner their trust and weaken their defenses for the invasion, however he has no memories of this task and acts on it without realizing.

Become an Icon:
Mister Impact wants to become Icon and become a beacon of hope in Impact City.


250 years ago, the meteor of Curto Fa’zien crashed into the west coast of America, forming a huge crater and unearthing a plethora of gold deposits. For almost two and a half centuries, Curto’s meteor was trapped beneath the earth in a comatose state, but the meteor monitored the activity of the sentient life that arrived around it and gestated Curto into a form that would match them.

A few years ago, an earthquake caused by Tectonica awoke Curto, springing him into action and bringing an end to Tectonica’s rampage.

Now, Curto has adopted the name Mister Impact and protects Impact City with Action Force from the forces of evil, while also battling the evil plans of Darius King.

Mister Impact

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