Shapeshifting Robotic Alien Rolemodel


The Wake Up call

Redeem Myself


Nine thousand years ago in the deepest reaches of the Xilor sector of space, war was common place among the Change-A-Matrons. Their race was extremely prejudiced that only wanted the purest of all Change-A-Matrons to survive and carry on the legacy of the one true Neo-Matron. After seven thousand years of constant fighting, only the most recent ruler of the Change-A-Matron race survived and adopted the name Change-A-Matron to carry on the legacy in remembrance. Living out several hundreds of years in isolation the once great ruler set off on a blind jump into space in hopes of finding a new home where the former ruler could begin a new conquest. Learning how far and removed their civilization truly was, Change-A-Matron acquired a new appreciation for life of all kinds drifting through the cosmos. Then in the year 2014 Change-A-Matron’s ship crash landed on earth where a human detective named Theo Dimeback arrived first on the scene discovering this strange new ally in the fight for order.


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