Alley Cat

The Spirit of Free Living, The Gestalt of Riding the Rails, The Hobo Vigilante


A lean black man, standing at 6’2", Steel Jackson is a gruff looking individual. His smell and dirty clothes are one the first things people notice about him, although most of the time, people try to ignore him whenever he passes by.


Appearing from out of nowhere, The Spirit of Free Living came to Impact City about 2 months ago. Some say that his form was created from the aggravated wishes of the down trodden poor of Impact City, others say that he is an alien who empathizes with the poor, but most believe that he is simply a homeless man who gained supernatural powers from some source of power, most believe the power to be a genie.

As Alley Cat, he protects the people of Impact City, although he prioritizies the homeless and down trodden of the city. As Steel Jackson, his alter ego, he spends his time living among the streets of Impact City, helping in soup kitchens and local shelters.

Alley Cat

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